Tungsten Media

February 27, 2024
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Tungsten Media are a specialist video team that use Motion Control & Robotics to make unique food & drink content.

Tungsten are a team of enthusiastic storytellers and are one of the few UK companies offering end-to-end video production with robotic technology at their bespoke film studio. Their Motion Control Cinebot can be programmed to perform any number of complex camera moves, in sequence, repeatably and with high precision.

Combined with their slow-motion Phantom camera that can shoot 1000 frames per second, they are fully kitted out for high-end content, and they know how to pair kit with creative to make food look eye-popping and mouth-watering.  

Long story short, it means that anything they can dream up, they can deliver - and these guys dream big.

They worked closely with FMCG brands such as M&S, Morrisons, Ornua Foods & PepsiCo to create social campaigns that synergise across channels and get people talking.


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