Liam Baker

Food stylist
March 4, 2024
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Liam Baker is a London based food stylist with experience of working in both the commercial and editorial sectors. His food journey started out when he spent 12 years cooking at Michelin starred level in Scandinavia. Upon his return to London he fused his background in design with his extensive food knowledge which allowed him to dive into the world of food styling.

He has successfully delivered projects for clients such asHaagen Dazs, *Wallpaper Magazine, Selfridges, Wagamama, Le Monde MagazineParis, The Guardian, Creed, Kelloggs, Heinz, Quakers, Sainsburys, Tesco, Napolinaand many more. An adaptable stylist, Liam has the ability to work on both conceptualand traditional styling projects, and has a proven track record of delivering a polishedend product for his clients.

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