Krystian Krzewinski

Food Photographer
December 1, 2020
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Krystian is a polish man who decided to take a leap of faith and packed his bags to pursue his passion for photography and videography on the south coast of England. His career took off with the production of a video illustrated in varies cinemas in Hampshire. After delivering photos and mini films of general products for private clients, he found his niche and decided to specialise in food photography.

He made his hobby and passion, his full-time job and he likes to inspire other people who are going towards his similar path. He has worked with commercial clients, respecting the brief, and adding that extra creative touch that represents and distinguishes him.

Krystian is very attentive to detail and finds beauty in any form of art. His style of shooting can be described as colourful, quirky, trendy and fun. His recordings are very distinct as they are always characterised by visual magic, with original effects and transitions, accompanied with catchy music.

He loves working in a team and he is aware of the fact that when creative minds and hands are put together, unique contents can be achieved.

He likes to take inspiration from famous films, and he studies the choice of colour palettes ,lighting, angles, textures and shapes. The harmony of these features together in the frame intrigues him and he works on trying to generate vibrant, pop-art, unique imagery in his contents.

This is why when he is not working on his portfolio, Krystian spends his spare time on watching movies, but also jogging in front of the beach and enjoy the (rare) sunny days in England.

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