Jason Spoor

Food Photographer
May 3, 2023
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Originally from Los Angeles, Jason made his way to London about 18 years ago. Coming from an Industrial design background, He has always wanted to apply his technical skills in a more creative way. He went freelance around seven years ago.

He found  working as a designer for retail environments, bringing conceptual designs into reality for such brands as John Lewis, Nike, Adidas, Fossil and Harrods. Although shop design allowed him  to be creative, he  found his  true connection to Photography especially food and drink. He has  been combining his technical know-how with his creativity and love of food. With an easy-going Californian demeanour and professional attitude, he loves the variety and challenge of each and every project that is thrown his way whether it be editorial,  advertising or packaging.

His style has been described as harmoniously balanced with colourful highlights of rustic sophistication. He thrives working in a team bouncing ideas between food stylist, prop stylist,  art director and designer. He is extremely well organised, with a detailed mood board and shoot schedule to ensure that all activities are understood and conducted in a timely manner.  

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