James Martin

Food Photographer/Director
March 14, 2024
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James Martin: Dublin-Based Food & Lifestyle Visionary James Martin, a Dublin-based photographer and motion expert, brings brands to life through captivating visuals specializing in food, drink, and lifestyle. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for storytelling, James seamlessly blends photography and motion to create impactful campaigns that resonate across various media platforms. His work graces out-of-home advertising, print publications, and television screens, captivating audiences with its dynamic blend of still and moving imagery.

James' Dublin studio is a hub for creativity, split over two floors. The main floor boasts a fully equipped kitchen, the perfect canvas for culinary masterpieces. Upstairs, a dedicated post-production space features a comfortable seating area for clients, allowing them to relax and witness the magic unfold.

While Dublin serves as his home base, James frequently travels to London to shoot in studios or on location, offering his expertise to clients across the UK. His adaptability allows him to seamlessly transition between his Dublin haven and diverse London shooting environments.

James prioritizes delivering the highest quality work and ensuring a positive and controlled environment for every project. His extensive experience and dedication have earned him the trust of clients worldwide, and he takes pride in exceeding expectations by crafting visuals that truly capture the essence of each brand.

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