Dead Pixel films

October 12, 2021
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Dead Pixel Films work with FMCG brands and hospitality groups to deliver creative-led video productions that sell food.

From ‘food porn’ product promos to steamy slo-mo social content, their technical approach, specialist kit, facilities and resources allow this "seasoned team" to get the very best out of food. Specialist team of foodies.

Filming the perfect motion is no easy feat. You need to understand how food performs and how best to keep the ingredients fresh (e.g. stop Apple oxidising) and photogenic whilst capturing the storyboard. Whether working with ice under 10,000 watts of light (enough to fill a small village), or trying to achieve that perfect yolk drip, Dead Pixel, along with our network of food stylists, plan, produce, shoot and edit mouth-watering content that is perfectly tailored for a mix of advertising channels. Deliverables.

The days of producing just one video are long gone.

The seasoned team focus on maximising the amounts of assets delivered from every video shoot. Client’s briefs are met and built on with the addition of smaller assets to be utilised across their social channels and add more value. Those assets could be custom web banners, Instagram Stories, bumper ads, cinemagraphs and stop motion clips.

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