Cristian Barnett

Food Photographer
January 11, 2023
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The world of food suits Cristian’s need for variety and he is equally happy shooting recipes, portraits, producers and restaurants ( and it’s not unusual to be doing all of this in a single week! ). His many years of working on location means he has the skills to take a high quality ‘studio' approach to any situation - no matter where that might be.

Cristian has been a food photographer for over 20 years and has photographed for advertising agencies, design groups, more than 70 cookbooks ( including those by Tom Kerridge, Simon Rogan, Michel Roux Jr and Monica Galetti ), worked for many leading food magazines, Michelin starred restaurants, luxury hotels and for numerous commercial clients.

Cristian has a love for travelling too ( and photographing ) out of the way places and has published a book of portraits taken around the Arctic Circle. He lives with his partner in Cambridgeshire and shares his home with two cats, Ron and Reg

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